What’s the Purple Wedding? HOLY SPOILERS.

Emily asks:

What in the world is the “purple wedding” from Game of Thrones?

I am not really a Game of Thrones fan. Here’s what I know: My friend Logan has a gif of Prince Joffrey on his computer that runs too fast. Here’s a vine of it. It’s my favourite thing. 

EVERYTHING THAT COMES AFTER FAST-CLAPPING JOFFREY IS SPOILERS. If you do not want Game of Thrones spoiled, just watch Joffrey clap and don’t click read more!

If you’re prepared, Amy is here to tell you about the Purple Wedding!

To answer Emily’s question we’ve got Amy! Amy is a huge Game of Thrones fan. Actually, Amy is a rad fan of a lot of things.

Ah, the purple wedding. Weddings in the Game of Thrones television show and the books upon which the series is based – A Song of Ice and Fire – are always special occasions. Though you’d think the color designation might reference the shade of the flowers or the bride’s gown, that is not the case. It’s about murder. Vicious, gross, pretty much deserved murder.
Let me backtrack. You’re in Westeros. The land of Seven Kingdoms is at war, even though there’s a king ruling in King’s Landing and sitting on the Iron Throne: one Joffrey Baratheon. The young adult – child, really – took the uncomfortable seat when his father, Robert Baratheon, was killed by a boar (no, it wasn’t an accident). Joffrey has a few things going against him: first of all, he’s a bastard born of incest between his mother and her brother. Secondly, he’s a bastard, tool, jerk, butthole, pick a negative adjective and it will describe his personality. Add brutal and disturbing tendencies and an inability to lead anyone to his traits, and you’ve got a hot, cruel, mess trying to rule all of Westeros.
He doesn’t have many fans or supporters aside from his mother.
Fast forward to his wedding day. Joffrey has been king for a little while and is set to marry Margaery Tyrell. The wedding is a grand, overpriced affair with crude entertainment and shocker, Joffrey acts like an ass. He takes great care to humiliate his uncle Tyrion in front of all his guests and just when you want to leap through the television screen or into the book and strangle the little shit, he starts choking. His face turns purple from poison, and he dies a gruesome death. Because his face was such a vivid hue, the wedding became known to fans as the Purple Wedding.
You can read about the event in book three of A Song of Ice and Fire, A Storm of Swords, or watch it take place in the fourth season of Game of Thrones in “The Lion and the Rose.”
Amy Ratcliffe wants to be the Mother of Dragons and is always happy to talk Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and most things nerdy over at Twitter.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Purple Wedding? HOLY SPOILERS.

  1. Good concise explanation, one tiny pronoun could use a fix though. In “Joffrey has a few things going against him: first of all, he’s a bastard born of incest between his mother and his brother.” the second his should be a her, as his would imply that Prince/King Tommen sired the bastard.

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