Bureau Docket for May 13, 2013

Well, it’s been two days since I started this blog and I’ve already paired passionate nerds up with topics they love.. and I have 2 posts to format, and one on my own writing list! Keep an eye out for that stuff to start posting later this week!

Hey there, nerds! We have a few requests that could use a blog post. If you know about any of these things and want to write a blog post about why you love it and how to get started, Fill out the submit form!

I want to get into anime and manga and wanted some suggestions on where to start. And are there any other tips or pointers I should know?

How much does it cost for a photo op with Nathan Fillion? [this post would be about photo ops in general with some prices]

Second Life- my husband has been a fan for years, but I just can’t get into it. Tips from others? Explanation of the attraction?

If any of those are in your nerdy wheelhouse, I hope to hear from you! Did something here spark a blog post in your heart? Fill out the submission form and tell me all about it. Follow @CredBureau to get super-dibs on writing about a topic you love!