Bureau Docket for May 13, 2013

Well, it’s been two days since I started this blog and I’ve already paired passionate nerds up with topics they love.. and I have 2 posts to format, and one on my own writing list! Keep an eye out for that stuff to start posting later this week!

Hey there, nerds! We have a few requests that could use a blog post. If you know about any of these things and want to write a blog post about why you love it and how to get started, Fill out the submit form!

I want to get into anime and manga and wanted some suggestions on where to start. And are there any other tips or pointers I should know?

How much does it cost for a photo op with Nathan Fillion? [this post would be about photo ops in general with some prices]

Second Life- my husband has been a fan for years, but I just can’t get into it. Tips from others? Explanation of the attraction?

If any of those are in your nerdy wheelhouse, I hope to hear from you! Did something here spark a blog post in your heart? Fill out the submission form and tell me all about it. Follow @CredBureau to get super-dibs on writing about a topic you love!


Hey, hello!

So I tweeted something.

I thought about how often I’d wanted to get involved with some kind of nerdy thing, but had no idea where to start. Most of the blogs and information you find about comic books, games, TV, whatever.. the fans are usually really deep into things I want to learn about. I end up not doing it, because I don’t want to figure it out and I’m scared I’ll be made fun of.

So here’s the idea: There’s a submission form and you fill that out with a question about a nerd thing you’re curious about. I find out about it or get someone to tell us why it rules. It goes up on the blog, for aaallllll eternityy.

Have a Question?

Hit the submission form and ask away!

Are you a Smartypants?

Fill out the submission form with what you know about. If there’s something you’re bursting at the seams to share, say so! Why sit around and ask for a question when we can just hop straight to your blinding love for something?

Whether you are submitting a question or a contribution, keep in mind that this is a space meant to be safe for everybody.