Welcome to the Cred Bureau.

What? No, there are no forms. Put that away. There’s… there’s nothing to apply for. We don’t want to see your ID, your gaming library, or your comic book collection.

If you’re here, you belong already.

We’ve got one goal, you and I: we’re here because we want to love great things, and there are too many great things in the world. This is a place where we find the people who love those things, and we ask them to share that love.

If you’re unsure what makes something awesome, that doesn’t make you a bad nerd. That means you get to learn what makes it so great for the first time! This is the place to find out about it.

There aren’t a lot of limits on what you can ask about. If it’s nerdy, ask away! Everybody starts somewhere. Whether it’s how to visit a comic shop or a D&D setting that’s just too intimidating, we’re going to explore things and love them a little bit more.

This project is going to require questions from curious people and answers from people who love things. Learn more about that.

Let’s get you started.

What’s something so many people love that you always wanted to know more about? What’s something you love that’s unsung?